[NICK HORNBY & SINTA TANTRA] im "Stadtzauber - kulturmagazin"

The German magazin "Stadtzauber - kulturmagazin" published an article about our current exhibition "Collaborative works II" in their July/August 2015 issue.
The exhibition runs until the 31st July!

- The exhibition „Collaborative works II“ shows selected works form the current collaboration between the British artist Nick Hornby and the British-Balinese artist Sinta Tantra. 

As a sculpture, Hornby combines a classical approach of postmodern architecture and statuary with a modern and strict geometrical profile.
In a first step, his work is about accurate planning! With the help of three dimensional software’s, which are also used by architects, he creates a sketch. Thereafter, using traditional material such as bronze and marble, he brings it into being. 

Sinta Tantras work is characterized by the combination of the dazzling colours of Pop Art and the strict geometrical shape of Minimal Arts. 
To find the perfect colour, and the perfect pattern, she uses different media and inspirations which differs her form the classical painter. 

In Collaboration, their work stimulate to take a look beyond the physical and visual borders and to discover an intermediate level of personal narration and cultural understanding as well as new space levels. 

Ein Artikel über unserer Ausstellung "Collaborative works II" in der Juli-Aug 2015 Ausgabe des Kulturjournals "Stadtzauber - kulturmagazin"