Born in 1978, Spain

Lives and works in London.



2006-2008 Master in Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, London, UK

1997-2003 Graduate in Art and Design, Escola Massana. Barcelona, Spain





2016 Raise Ravens and They will Pluck Out Your Eyes.Peter Von Kant. London, UK.

2015 Termite Painting & The Sick Feet. Galeria Juan Silio. Santander, Spain.

2014 Solo Project at Arte Santander Art Fair. Santander, Spain.  

2011 Riendo Hacia Atras, Galería Distrito Cuatro. Madrid, Spain.

2010 Tautologies. Gallery b’one. Seoul, Korea.

2009 Toon Toon. Galeria Siboney. Santander, Spain.

        Cota Uno (Project Room). Arte Santander. Spain.

2006 Puente de la Vision, Contemporary Museum of Santander, Spain.

        Ghosts and Premonitions.Galeria Luis Adelantado, Valencia




2015 ‘De La Mano’. Centro Centro.Palacio de Cibeles. Madrid, Spain.

        ‘Tener Que Sentir’. Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto. Colección Los Bragales. Gijón, Spain.

2014 ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’. One Art Space Gallery. New York. USA.

        ‘Exeter Contemporary Open 2014’ Exeter Phoenix. Exeter, UK.

        ‘Untitled (Unconscious) TJBoulting Gallery, London. UK.

2013 ‘Creekside Open 2011 Selected by Ceri Hand. A.P.T. Gallery.’, A.P.T Gallery, London. 

        ‘Ultima pintura en las colecciones del DA2 y la Fundación Coca-Cola’. Museo de Arte

        Contemporán eo de Arrecife (MIAC). Lanzarote, Spain

        ‘Meaning Making’ (curated by Monica Alvarez Careaga ), touring show: New York,

        Washington, Brussels.

2012 ‘Enlaces + Seis Contextos. Museo Patio Herreriano. Valladolid, Spain.

        ‘Salon Art Prize’. Matt Roberts Arts gallery. London.

        ‘Swollen Jungle’. Union Gallery, London.

2011 ‘Creekside Open 2011 Selected by Dexter Dalwood’, A.P.T Gallery, London.

        ‘Young London’, V22 Collection. London.

        ‘Translate/Transcribe’, 15th Art Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

        `Wonderpia’, Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art, Nanji Studio Gallery. Seoul, Korea.

        ‘Ultima Pintura’ (Collections from DA2 & Coca-Cola Foundation), DA2. Salamanca, Spain.


2010  Odd Place, Artside Gallery. Seoul, Korea.

        TAG, Brown Gallery, London.

        DA2. Acquisitions 2010 from Coca Cola Foundation. Salamanca, Spain.

        ‘Enlaces+4’, Patio Herreriano Museum. Valladolid, Spain.

        Bright Lights London Painting, Resy Muijsers contemporary art. Tilburg, Netherlands.

        il alla A  lai de lA il, Crimes Town Gallery. London, UK.

        Bragales Collection, Palacio de Sástago. Zaragoza. Spain.


2009  Ventriloquist (curated by Emma Dexter), Timothy Taylor Gallery.London, UK.

         Code of Being (Jill Mason, Eemyun Kang, Gorka Mohamed), Gallery With Space.

         Beijing, China.

         Modern Times, Vegas Gallery. London, UK.

         Notes from the underground, James Taylor Gallery.London, UK.

2008 Enlaces+3, Patio Herreriano Museum. Valladolid, Spain.

2007 Planes Futuros (curated by Lorena and Maria del Corral), Sala Baluarte, Pamplona, Spain

        Celeste Art Prize: T2 The Old Truman Brewery, London. Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh

        Beauty & Sadness (Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Juan Uslé, Eduardo Gruber, Gorka Mohamed,

        Manu Arregui amount others): Galeria Torreao Nascente da Condoaria Nacional, Lisbon.

        Industrie-und Handelskammer. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

        ‘Fall-in Theatre’, V22 Basement, London.




2014 Honourable Mention in the category of painting at 2013 Beers Contemporary Award for

        Emerging Art.

        Finalist at Exeter Contemporary Open 2014. Exeter Phoenix. Exteter, UK.

2008 Winner of the Wardens Purchase Prize. Goldsmiths College

2005 Winner of the Pancho Cossio contest, Santander, Spain.

         Selected in the contest Caja Madrid Generation 2005. Madrid, Spain.

2005 Arteleku Grant, San Sebastian, Spain

        Residency in Piramidon, Barcelona, Spain

2002 ¨Winner of the Casimiro Sainz contest, Reinosa, Spain

2001 Grant of studies by Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain

1997 Winner of the Pancho Cossio contest, Santander, Spain




Olor Visual Collection. Spain

Patio Herreriano, Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art, Valladolid, Spain

Bank Caja Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Fundacion Coca-Cola. Madrid, Spain

Ayuntamiento de Reinosa. Reinosa, Spain

Culture Department of Cantabria, Santander, Spain

Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Colección Los Bragales, Spain.

Colección Norte. Santander, Spain.

Fundacion Centenera, Spain.



"La cultura alternativa como alternativa cultural", University of Cantabria. Cantabria, Spain. 2007




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